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Welcome to Mindful Nation, Canada!

MindfulNation.ca has been established to bring about change in Canada by promoting mindful initiatives across our mighty nation.

We want Canada to unplug, slow down, pay attention and learn to be present. By being present we become more self-aware. Self-awareness cultivates compassion for your self and fosters a society of kindness, respect and interconnectedness as a nation.

Where we get our inspiration from:

“Mindfulness can literally change our brains, improve our capacity for perspective taking and decision-making and enhance our emotional intelligence and our ability to act with clarity and wisdom alone and in concert with others.”
~ Jon Kabot-Zinn

“Happiness is found by deeply experiencing the exact moment we are in. We need new approaches that can draw out our deep inner resources. Once we learn to tap into these resources, we will find the strength to replenish, reform and renew our country.”
~ US Congressman Tim Ryan, author A Mindful Nation 

“The Mindful Nation UK Report by the Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group, the first policy document of its kind, was published in October 2015. The report seeks to address mental health concerns in the areas of education, health, the workplace and the criminal justice system through the application of mindfulness interventions.”
~ Mindful Nation UK

The inaugural initiative of Mindful Nation Canada is promoting an event being hosted by MacLachlan College in Oakville Ontario on May 27th , 2107, celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday:

Mindful Nation – A vision for Canada’s Future

Looking forward to the future
Being in the present today
Acknowledging our past

This initiative is inspired by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s assertion that “education provides one of the greatest hopes for repairing cultural attitudes, redressing the legacy of Indian Residential Schools, and advancing the process of reconciliation.” This project will introduce new curriculum and activities to increase our level of awareness and celebrate the contributions of Canada’s Indigenous Peoples and culminates with a one-day event to commemorate Canada 150 which will include a variety of participatory activities and displays as well as an art installation and the unveiling of a new student award.

The objective is to support efforts towards reconciliation through education and by both connecting and inspiring indigenous and non-indigenous youth to carry forward together. Through Mindful efforts and activities, this project and event will also promote self-awareness, diversity, inclusion and the building of common interests, relationships and understanding.

“With glowing hearts we see thee rise, the True North strong and free!”
Oh Canada

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